Top-10: kerstcadeau’s voor de echte F1-fan

13 december 2015 — selecteerde een Top-10 van kerstcadeau's voor de echte F1-fan

Binnen een dikke maand is het zover, Kerstmis. De maand voorafgaand aan Kerstmis is het altijd zoeken naar het geschikte kerstcadeau voor je partner, familie en vrienden. Wij helpen jou alvast een handje.

Heb je een F1-fan waarvoor je een kerstcadeau wil kopen? Dan hebben wij voor jou de top-10 onder de kerstcadeau’s voor de echte F1-fan geselecteerd!

1) F1 Gear Ratio Clock - £129

Keeping time - F1-style!

This stylish Formula One Gear Ratio clock ticks around a genuine race-used Renault F1 Gear Ratio. Gear ratios are placed under a great deal of stress and are regularly retired. Playing a key role in the set-up of the car, the ratios are adjusted specifically to each track to determine acceleration and top speed.

The FIA F1 World Championship-used gear ratio has been mirror polished to sparkle on your desk or sideboard. At first glance it’s a unique, contemporary timepiece, on further examination you’ll see the Renault-engraved unique part identification number which reveals its Formula One past.

Developed in partnership with the Lotus F1 team (formally Renault F1), the clock comes complete with an official Lotus F1 certificate of authenticity
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2) F1 Skid Block Phone Holder - £59

World’s Fastest Phone Holder?

This skid block was once attached to the underbelly of a Formula One™ car; racing the circuits of the world at over 200MPH in the Formula One World Championship!

Also known as ‘legality plank’, skid block is the mandatory attachment to the underside of a Formula One™ car.

Introduced in 1994 as a safety improvement following Ayrton Senna’s death, the plank is fitted beneath the central plane of the car. It is designed to restrict the minimum height and prevent taking corners at dangerously high speeds.

The F1™ skid block is made from Jabroc - manufactured from beechwood veneers which are layered with a high strength resin and pressurized to create a very consistent material density; complying with FIA requirements.

Retired from racing, our design team have re-styled the F1™ skid block into a practical holder for your phone! The Jabroc is smooth to touch and a good weight to safely support your gadgets.

The natural colours of the composite layered beechwood make a great design feature and are complemented with bold blue acrylic pieces to support your mobile phone at the perfect angle for reading, watching, charging, or simply for stylish storage.

Phone holder measures 9cmL x9cmD x 2cmH and comes complete a Certificate of Authenticity which verifies its F1™ World Championship heritage.

Choose to have your phone holder personalised with up to 25 characters of text.
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3) F1 Skid Block Keychain - £22

The World’s Fastest Keychain? 

This skid block was once attached to the underbelly of a Formula One car; racing the circuits of the world at over 200MPH in the 2010 Formula One World Championship!

Skid block, also known as ‘legality plank’, is the mandatory attachment to the underside of a Formula One car which was introduced in 1994 as a safety improvement; following Ayrton Senna’s death. Originally made from beechwood, plank materials now vary by team and incorporate modern composites. The skid block is fitted beneath the central plane of the car and used to restrict the minimum height. 

Restricting the height of the car is important to prevent taking corners at dangerously high speeds.

Keychain measures 4cmL x 2cmW x 1cmD and comes complete a Certificate of Authenticity which verifies its F1 2010 World Championship heritage.
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4) #Feeltheforce Wheel Rim Table - £299

Stylish, smoked glass table, made from a race-used Sahara Force India Formula One™ Team Wheel Rim!

This race-used wheel rim from the Sahara Force India Formula One™ Team is the genuine article which was used on the track during a 2012 Grand Prix. Powder-coated in matt black, the retired F1 wheel rim is re-styled with a toughened “smoked glass” top to transform it into a practical drinks table!

The smoked-glass on the top gives a designer look to the table, whilst still showing off the spokes of the wheel rim beneath it. The finishing touch on the smoked glass is the laser-engraving ‘#FeelTheForce’. Comes complete with an official team Certificate of Authenticity.

Each unique Memento Exclusives Wheel Rim Table is presented in custom-made, luxury packaging to protect it during transit and to create the ultimate gift box!

Measures 37.5cm tall x 35.5 diameter
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5) F1 Dog Ring Clock - £85

Formula One Clockwork!

These F1 Dog Rings were raced in the gearboxes of the Renault F1 cars, around the F1 tracks of the FIA F1 World Championship.

During their race career, they were set-up to shift gear at less than 0.05 seconds; around a third of the time it takes you to blink! The Dog Rings have been given a more relaxing, yet still time critical retirement by our design team. Re-styled into bold statement clocks for your home or office.

The coloured versions have been polished and laquered with their unique F1 component identification numbers still visible around the outer edge. Clocks slot into a polished, race-used F1 Skid Block base and are fitted with a clock face made from bright sustainable acrylic - made in the UK. Available in 3 colour combinations.

Gift boxed and complete with an official Certificate of Authenticity.
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6) F1 Gear Ratio & Layshaft Lamp - £299

These race-used Renault F1 gear ratios and layshafts have been given a new life by our design team, in the form of impressive table lamps.

A simple, yet stunning design; the gear ratio forms the base of the lamp, with the layshaft connected as the upright stem. Topped with a stylish fabric shade - the lamp looks great in your home environment, and is a guaranteed talking point!

Once put to their limits raced around the F1 tracks at speeds over 200MPH, these exhausted car parts have been mirror-polished to a sparkle and given a suitably relaxing retirement as ‘mood lighting’ for your home.

The lamp measures 40cm in height and the lampshade measures 25cm in width.
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7) F1 Bearing Keychain - £25

Carry your car keys in F1 style!

This genuine race-used Renault F1 Team bearing has been retired from the race and re-styled into a handy keychain; the perfect accessory for your car keys.

A great gift for F1 fans, the keychain comes complete with an official Lotus F1 (formally Renault F1) Certificate of Authenticity to verify its Formula One past.
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8) F1 Brake Disc Clock - £549

From the F1 track, to your wall

This is no ordinary clock. It can slow an F1 car reaching speeds in excess of 200 mph (321 km/h) and cope with temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius!

Made from the highest grade carbon-fibre for safety and efficiency, a Formula One brake disc is an impressive feat of manufacture; often taking up to 6 months to produce.

Each F1 team gets through hundreds of brake discs each season due to the wear and tear that these pieces must endure. We have worked closely with the Lotus F1 team to bring these brake discs out of retirement and give them a second life as stylish clocks.

Manufactured for the Renault 2009 F1 cars, as driven by Alonso and Grosjean, these brake discs have real racing credentials and, with their new transformation, they make an impressive statement for your wall.

Each brake disc measures 278mm in diameter and 28mm deep; conforming to FIA regulations and maintains its original titanium bell and bolts. The network of cooling holes around the outside of the inner titanium bell was originally there to maximise the surface area available for cooling the disc’s core but now makes an attractive design feature for the clock.
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9) Framed Stirling Moss Steering Wheel - £299

 Limited Edition, Signed Stirling Moss Presentation

This Stirling Moss framed replica steering wheel has been signed by Sir Stirling Moss himself and is beautifully presented in a box frame, together with an image of the signing, a vintage image of Sir Stirling driving his Mercedes-Benz W196 to victory at the 1955 British Grand Prix, and a carbon fibre-effect tribute plaque.

Stirling Moss preferred a three spoke steering wheel and often asked manufacturers he drove for to change the wheel. This fabulous full-size reproduction of his ‘wheel of choice’ is hand-signed by Stirling Moss, is totally unique and only available in a limited number of 300 pieces.

The classic style new Volanti Classico 14 inch flat steering wheel has a wood and riveted rim, 3 spokes with holes and a 9 hole moto-lita compatible fitting. This rare item comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Frame measures 73.8cm wide x 50.2cm tall x 5.2cm deep.
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10) F1 Bodywork for your walls!

Memento Exclusives has a unique collection of wall-mounted F1 car parts! Own a genuine, raced F1 Sidepod, Engine Cover, Headrest and more to mount as artwork on your wall!

Each comes complete with certificate of authenticity and wears its race markings like a badge of honour!
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